A Family for Christmas

Every year our office staff participates in “A Family for Christmas” through our local Town Office.

Our staff gathers gifts for children from a family (or two) in need in our community, in addition to needed household items for a “household basket”. The Town Office then delivers the gifts and baskets to these families before Christmas!

Above is a photo of what was put together this year, for two different families. Thank you to our office staff for your generosity once again!

If you’d like to participate in helping your community, both during the Holidays and the rest of the year – check with your local Town Office to see what giving & volunteering opportunities they have available, and with your local food pantry as they often experience slow times for donations throughout the year.

Also, check out https://createthegood.aarp.org/volunteer-ideas/end-of-year.html for a few simple end-of-year volunteer ideas!

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