Homecare Month

Post written by Jane Greenblatt, RN, Home, Hope and Healing President

What does homecare mean to me? In asking this question to both nurses and office staff, the results and values were very similar.

Carol, QA manager, said the following:

“I feel this is a vital service for folks to be able to remain in their homes. This allows them to be as independent as they possibly can. This creates a more normal life environment with the support of people who love them. The goal is to both care for them and keep them safe”

Sherry, Personal Care Program Manager and Lead Scheduler, said:

“I feel the folks are safer at home in their own environment. For the elderly, it helps them remain independent in their home. The children we care for and their families are given a chance at a new norm where each individual is supported and cared for. The agency has helped families to navigate the complexities of meeting all of their medical supplies and equipment needs while giving the much-needed relief”

Miranda, Staffing Coordinator, said:

“Home care means that loved ones can stay home and be cared for in their own familiar environment. This allows parents of our children to be able to attend work knowing they have good quality caregivers providing services in their home. If a child goes to school being accompanied by a nurse or caregiver allows them to attend. If not for these caregivers, the child would not be able to attend school”

Laurie, Chief Nursing Officer, said:

“Home care means helping people to remain in their homes with their families while increasing their quality of life and maintaining their safety”

Lisa, QA Assistant, said:

“Staff going into the home give relief to the families who would otherwise have to meet all of their care needs”

Overall, it was felt the greatest benefit of home care is allowing families, children, and adults the ability to remain in their home with their loved ones. This historically has proven to be successful in providing the best long-term outcomes – Both for the clients and their families.

We at Home, Hope and Healing have been dedicated to families and their loved ones in need of care for the last 20 years, and our hope is to continue this mission for many years to come!

We always welcome new caregivers, as it is you who makes this mission possible.

Learn more about us, see available positions and apply online at http://www.homehopeandhealing.com

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