Celebrating 20 Years of Providing Quality Nursing Services!

Home, Hope & Healing (HHH) was started in 2002 by two sisters, Jane Greenblatt and Jill Lufkin Robinson – and this summer we are celebrating 20 years of providing quality Nursing services throughout the State of Maine.

Both Jill and Jane are Registered Nurses and they continue to own and manage HHH today. The company started in the fall of 2002 with one nurse and one client and was started in a spare bedroom in Jill’s home. Both sisters had a vision and a passion for medically fragile adults and children and they saw the need for intense, comprehensive skilled nursing services that did not just focus on “staffing” but on clinical outcomes. Their goal was to give patients the option of remaining in their homes with their loved ones while receiving the medical interventions they so badly needed.

In 20 years, HHH has grown from one nurse and one client, and a spare bedroom serving as the office – to over 120 employees, clients all over the state of Maine, a Behavioral Health division, and a beautiful office in Smithfield – and most importantly we’ve seen so many lives changed by the necessary services we provide.

To this day, we have many employees who have been with us for 15 years or more. We asked a few of them to share what their favorite thing about being a part of our team at HHH is, and their favorite memories –

Alison, our Business Accounts Manager, shared:

“For me I love what the company stands for. The name truly says it all. The care & compassion for the clients, the love of community & the valued relationships with employees is priceless. HHH has been with me through the good & bad times of my life over the last 15 years. They have watched my kids grow into adults and me become a grammy. I am proud to work here & can’t say much more without the tears starting to flow. There are too many memories to share & some that aren’t appropriate 😉 But, being part of this team means to me that I have family outside of the home where I live & people who will help me learn, grow & become the best me that I can be 😊”

Kim, one of our Nurses, shared:

“I enjoy the enthusiastic office atmosphere, and warm welcome I have always received in the many places HHH has called home. My most enjoyable though was in the very beginning. Visiting with Jill, Jane and their pets at the lake. I believe at the time it was Jill’s home doubling as an office. It was beautiful and enlivening. I always left there feeling very proud to be part of their team.”

And Susan, another one of our Nurses, shared with our Marketing Coordinator during a phone call:

“I found Home, Hope and Healing in August of 2006. I wanted to get back into nursing, but at the time was a substitute teacher at a local school. I saw an ad in the little town paper for a Homecare Nurse position with HHH and I applied right away! The interview was set-up immediately, but I honestly didn’t know much about HHH or what they did, I just knew I was interested in private duty and wanted to work with one client at a time, unlike the hospital setting that I was used to. I was interviewed at Jill’s home on the lake and the experience was just spectacular – everyone there had their animals with them and they were so friendly, kind, and inviting – and being an animal person, that was a great first impression on me. I knew immediately during my interview that I had found the place for me, and it seemed the job just fit perfectly as I always loved the ICU / intensive care piece – which HHH is, just in the home setting! Intensive care at home was the perfect fit for me, and I was hired on the spot and have never looked back. It was a great first experience with the company, and is a perfect memory to reflect back on now. I love working with HHH because I have one client who I am able to spend all day with, where I have actual one-on-one time with them (unlike a hospital setting), and I feel like I can really make a difference in their life. It is truly so refreshing. I find it remarkable that HHH was started out of Jill’s home, and that Jill and Jane are still the heart of HHH to this day. They have always been so kind and inviting to me, and as the owners they didn’t have to be like that, but yet they were always there. They’ve always remembered their beginning, and always fought and cared for me over the years.”

We are so grateful for our employees who work so hard to help us provide the best care possible to our clients, and for Jill & Jane’s vision that has come to life over the past 20 years. We look forward with great anticipation for what the next 20 years holds for our agency!

We’d like to invite you to come celebrate our 20th Anniversary with us on August 13th at the Fairview Grange in Smithfield, Maine! Below is more information on the event.

For more information about us, the services we provide, and current job openings – visit our website at http://www.homehopeandhealing.com, and check us out on Facebook at http://www.Facebook.com/HomeHopeAndHealing.

1 thought on “Celebrating 20 Years of Providing Quality Nursing Services!”

  1. Congratulations on 20 years Ladies! It seems like just yesterday So happy for what you have built for our State. Be proud and enjoy!
    Here is to 20 more!
    Don Cotta –

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