Winter Safety

In winter, there are a myriad of issues that people may find themselves struggling with.  Dangerous driving conditions, power outages, and winter storms make traveling more of a challenge. Darker days and chilly weather make it less possible to get outside and socialize often, which can lead to feelings of isolation or depression. With viruses and other illnesses prevalent during winter, it is vital to stay healthy!  Preparing ahead can make a world of difference, so here’s a list of tips to help you get through this winter season!

Winter travel – Allow extra time to brush snow & ice off your vehicle to get to your destination safely. Make sure to remove all the ice and snow from your vehicle and that all windows, mirrors, and lights are clear. 

· Have good tires on your vehicle with plenty of tread for winter travel

· Keep your cell phone charged and stock your car with a small emergency kit that includes:

*Jumper cables

*flashlight with extra battery

*blanket and/or extra warm clothes  

*small shovel               

*water & snacks

*bag of sand or kitty litter in a laundry detergent bottle

For more information on winter driving in Maine, check out:

Stay Healthy – Remember that winter brings on extra safety concerns for your health. Wash your hands often or carry some hand sanitizer with you. Continue to eat healthy, make sure that you are getting proper sleep and continue to exercise. 

Prevent Injury – Cold weather and winter storms can cause a variety of injuries. Be sure to wear the proper footwear outside.  If needed, wear grippers. Allow yourself plenty of time as you are much more likely to slip and fall when in a rush.

Carbon Monoxide Detectors – As this is the time of the year when we are turning on heaters, it is important to check that carbon monoxide detectors are in working order, and especially if running a generator.

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